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Mortgage Holiday Challenge

We help to manage your customers mortgage repayment holidays

As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, Banks and Building Societies are obliged to offer customers mortgage repayment holidays. 

We can help ease the strain by managing the post mortgage holidays workflow process via our secure EQ Outreach portal. 

Our solution captures and manages the application process presenting the workflow to case managers and applicants alike. The portal can then be reused a few months later to reach back out to the successful customers that are approaching the end of the holiday. Once they’ve logged in and securely authenticated back into the portal, they could make necessary decisions about what to do next within the available options presented to them – such as extending the term, increasing monthly repayments, or whether they could extend their holiday.

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Key benefits 

  • Minimal business process changes required
  • Fast and efficient interactions
  • Embedded guidance cuts staff time and contact centre queries
  • Validations, guidance and business rules reduce incomplete applications
  • Low code COTS solution; quick to set up and deploy
  • Inclusive customer interface, supports all devices
  • Integrates fully with your website.

What you need to commit:

  • Be in the process of obtaining the budget to deliver a solution.
  • Two days of a senior user’s time to work with us during the challenge. If you’re in a busy period and you can’t spare two days, please don’t let that stop you from getting in touch - we can accommodate this by doing some initial prep work.
  • Two hours of time for us to present our findings and demonstrate the result at your offices, and to solicit your views and feedback after the challenge. 

What you get from the 48 hour challenge and how you'll benefit:

  • A working prototype of a mortgage repayment holiday solution, which can strengthen your business case
  • First-hand experience on how quickly we can tailor a solution
  • If you decide to go ahead, commitment from us to free up resource and start as soon as possible to meet your timescales
  • It’s free!

Take the challenge

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