48-hour Challenge

Take our FREE 48-hour challenge to change your business

Here at Toplevel, we recognise that putting together a compelling business case and demonstrating the value of a new system to key stakeholders can be a challenge in itself, so in response we’ve come up with a challenge of our own.

By investing just 2 days of your senior user’s time to work with us, you will see a fully working prototype of the Outreach solution, tailored to your business requirements, within 48 hours.


Here’s how it works:
Toplevel will be investing effort in the challenge, so for us to provide this free consultancy we’ll need some commitment from you. We’ll need you to be:

  • Prepared to consider a commitment to using us for delivery if we prove our capability.
  • In the process of obtaining the budget to deliver a solution.
  • Prepared to invest 2 days of a senior user’s time to work with us during the challenge, either at one of our regional offices or at your own office. If you’re in a busy period and you can’t spare 2 days, please don’t let that stop you from getting in touch - we can accommodate this by doing some initial prep work.
  • Prepared to invest 2 hours of time for us to present our findings and demonstrate the result at your offices, and to solicit your views and feedback after the challenge. This will cover the goals of the challenge, the effort (including what was easy and what was difficult), the result, and our advice.


Benefits of the challenge:

  • Seeing the working prototype gives you a greater understanding of how the proposed system will benefit your organisation, enabling you to strengthen the business case.
  • Informs your understanding of the possibilities so you can improve your requirements definition, which will lead to a better final fit solution.
  • Helps break down barriers; especially when there may be a scenario where there could be some resistance to change.
  • Enables you to experience at first hand how quickly Equiniti can tailor a solution for you.


Examples of the potential scope for a 48 hour challenge:

  • Online application process, including eligibility quiz, guidance, validation and business rules. This challenge could show a request, loan application or tender process for example.
  • Online claims process, with guidance, audit trail, alerts, warnings and staff claim review screen, including automatically generated contracts or other branded documents.
  • Secure customer portal used by customers and agents to upload documents that can be subjected to KYC checks, allowing customers to be verified and allowing pending applications to be approved.
  • Multi agency assessment, vetting or review, showing workflow collecting assessments, guided scoring and summary sheet, automated deadlines and reminders, participation across the web.
  • Staff reach, e.g. starter or leaver process, including multiple departments and/or suppliers incorporating guided workflow, tasks for various participants/departments (e.g. HR, outsourced IT supplier, security), with automated alerts or escalations if tasks not completed by deadlines using built in configurable SLA’s.
  • Staff reach, e.g. expense claim, with approve/query , automated calculations and rates.
  • End to end, multi stage report or complaint, customer initiated then structured stages for staff.
  • Or any other business process that could be digitised and automated to save costs


To find out more and take up the challenge, call us on 01453 852700 or email email@equiniti-toplevel.com. We look forward to helping you change your business in just 48 hours.

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