Our enterprise-class solutions have been developed for many types of organisation. Designed to deliver cost and efficiency benefits quickly, they provide reusable components and flexible, scalable engagement models.

Rapid Deployment

Implementations can take as little as two weeks, while even solutions to support complex application processes, backed by a full case management system, typically go live in a few months.

Rapid ROI

Getting a new digital service online fast will deliver savings and better customer service but the real ROI is delivered when digital services leverage the efficiency savings and faster customer services possible when true end-to-end solutions are created. Toplevel has extensive expertise in developing efficient staff and customer-facing case-management solutions that streamline processes and reduce administration costs.

Reusable Components

Toplevel’s global experience enables us to reuse relevant expertise, designs, code and other components to ensure rapid, efficient delivery.

Flexible Licensing

Our licensing models are also designed to meet the needs of a blend of organisations. For traditional license purchases, licence costs are based on usage. For clients requiring a fully managed approach, we offer innovative commercial models that scale according to usage. This enables our customers to enjoy a low cost of entry for small projects while ensuring high-volume managed services remain cost-effective.

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