Service Optimisation

We help you meet GDS service standards through a choice of service levels.

GDS service standards mandate that for digital services, the public sector should plan and budget for service optimisation going forward. We are flexible in this area to support different client needs and offer a variety of services.

Many clients find they need to adjust their live services in response to changing customer and business needs.  We have a long track record of supporting this either by providing professional services to make changes, or by simply providing tools and advisory services to enable clients to do it themselves.

Self-Service Optimisation

For clients who wish to optimise the service themselves we can provide project support for you. This can range from remote advice through to supplying staff on-site to assist with design, development or testing of changes.

Periodic Review Cycle

For many clients, a periodic review cycle, perhaps quarterly, twice yearly or annually is the best approach. In this case all non-urgent change feedback is collated together, and then used to drive a mini-project to adjust the system according to results.

RFC Process

We also offer a proven RFC process, which begins with requirements capture, followed by impact assessment then approval and implementation of the change. This is particularly suitable for urgent change requests and we have flexible resource available to implement these changes.

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