Live Service Management

24x7 application management service

Our operations team delivers a 24 x 7 application management service for Cloud hosted customers. It also provides a support service that looks after both our Cloud hosted customers and our “on-premises” customers, so the team members have a wide range of hands-on experience.  It is our policy to SC clear all team members.

We proactively maintain and monitor systems continuously.

ITIL Application Management Service

We can offer tailored SLAs and service desk hours to suit individual customer needs but our standard SLA’s are shown here.

We run an ITIL based service scheme with tiered severity levels and in line with ITIL.

The team is proud of the ITIL service desk and routinely exceed both uptime SLA and incident SLAs.

Uptime SLA:       99.5% over 24×7 is standard, can be tailored on request

Incidents (Standard SLA)

Severity Level Target Response Time Target Resolution Time
1 – Critical 2 working hours 4 working hours
2 – Severe 4 working hours 8 working hours
3 – Disruptive 6 working hours 12 working hours
4 – Test Environment 12 working hours 24 working hours
5 – Minor 12 working hours 24 working hours

Problems & Availability (Standard SLA)

Severity Level Description Metric
1 – Critical 2 working hours 4 working hours
2 – Severe 4 working hours 8 working hours
3 – Disruptive 6 working hours 12 working hours
4 – Test Environment & 5 – Minor No Target No Target

Communications and Reporting

Clients can contact us by telephone, email or via our web-based ticketing system. We like to offer a personal service and for some clients we can also communicate through Skype for Business. The web-based system enables clients to report issues and to track their progress.

We produce monthly reports of issues, showing our performance against SLA and also a service performance report, for example showing response times.  We also monitor volumes of service accesses and response times so that we can raise an issue and correct it if response times fall, and provide service performance information in the monthly reports.

We can also integrate our service with customers’ prime support provider, so that the prime support provider can act as a single point of contact for users, then triage issues and escalate them to our service team, who then act as a resolver group.

It is our policy to SC clear all Toplevel service staff.

Support Service

Our technical team also deals with Advice requests and Admin requests with target resolution within 1 working day for these issue types. We offer a support service for all customers, including those who have elected to manage their own applications. This service offers a wide variety of types of advice remotely.

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